Alexander's Chocolaterie & Vino Bistro

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Alexander the Great established a world Empire of "Aristoi", meaning: "The Best" among mankind. And at Alexander's Chocolate Classics chocolate shop, we are fired by a similar passion to bring you "The Best" gourmet chocolate and classical chocolate tastes. All our gourmet chocolate truffles and chocolate bakery items are handcrafted from a full spectrum of the finest European and American chocolates. Widely known for their gourmet chocolate craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail, Alexander's Chocolate Classics Chocolate Shop is a sophisticated array of proprietary gourmet chocolate delights resulting in the most iconoclastic premium gourmet artisan chocolate truffles one could ever hope to taste, along with traditional Sicilian Gelato & Sorbets, and "The Best" Italian cannoli west of Boston! All this is on-site, plus 100% European Grand Cru Nespresso coffees; Alexander’s own blend of European style ‘sipping’ chocolate... which makes ‘eye-rolling’ and ‘oohing’ appear like a religious experience; special order bakery items such as: cakes (including gluten-free), pastries, delectable Madeline’s; the best chocolate smothered coconut macaroons found anywhere; traditional Old World Italian Biscotti’s and cookies... as well as hundreds of world renowned brand named imported chocolate products.

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There is a world of difference between cheap American junk chocolate; the ‘plastic pail’ processed pastries out of the back of a ‘conglomerate-food-truck’ and the true professionally trained chocolatier craftsmanship. The world is sick of imitations and charlatan chocolate shops. You will find Alexander’s a refreshing experience in quality and customer service. The question has oft been asked of Alexander’s by other chocolate shops: “How do you make the best tasting chocolate truffles found anywhere in the entire Pacific Northwest?”

Alexander’s... “Chocolates with integrity.”

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Alexander's hosts a variety of events celebrating chocolate, wine, and food from around the world. Starting this month (May 2018) they will be adding an à la carte Fondu Friday with $5 Wine tastings, along with their very own homemade manicotti. They have a short bistro board menu that offers sliced cheeses and meats, and a Deluxe Tuscan board that adds tzatziki and hummus. And on May 19th they'll be hosting An Evening in Tuscany Winemaker's Dinner.



Visit the facebook page to see all upcoming events!


Katie Lei